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Former Chief Justice Sushila Karki’s autobiography, Nyaya

Karki is the first Nepali woman to hold the post of chief justice.

The launch event for this book included esteemed personalities such as former vice-chancellor of Tribhuvan Univeristy  Kedar Bhakta Mathema, senior orthopedic surgeon and activist Govinda KC, senior advocate Surendra Bhandari, and democratic activist Durga Subedi.

Speaking at the event, Bhandari said that the book gives us a glimpse into the recent political upheavals and the judiciary’s role in them. “This is a book written by a true Nepali patriot,” Bhandari said, “The book, alongside recounting the personal history of Karki, also packs in the author’s perspectives on the big judicial undertakings of recent times, and is written in a lucid style—it is a complete page turner.”

KC said that he has known Karki as a simple yet determined person. “By writing this book, she has done justice to Nepal, once again,” KC said. “This book should be read by anyone interested in knowing about what goes on behind the scenes in the judicial process and about how the politicians try to exert undue pressure on the jurists.”

Mathema said that the book attracted him like a magnet right from the first page. “It is said that every autobiography is a piece of history. Nyaya is also very illuminating and inspirational,” Mathema said.

Democratic fighter Durga Subedi, husband to Karki, said that if there is one case that the book makes, it is that the judiciary should be independent. Speaking at the end of the programme, Karki said that with the book, she doesn’t intend to belittle or hurt anyone’s sentiments. “I wrote this book because I reckoned it is important for the people to know about what goes on behind the curtains in adjudicating justice,” Karki said. “Whatever events are recounted in this book, are true.”


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